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Meeting ordinary people who do extraordinary things

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My Car Life Stories meets Jessica Elliott

My Car Life Stories meets Marine Tanguy

My Car Life Stories meets Xavi Art (Xavier Leopold)

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The car is not just a quick way of getting around, sometimes it becomes much much more. 

It can be a sanctuary from the outside world that inspires our best ideas all the while being an expression of our personalities. 

Even if you don't have a license or can't spot a MINI from a Mercedes, chances are you have a memory connected to car. 

It is these memories that My Car Life Stories explorers through the lives of the ordinary the people that get into the passenger seat and share their extraordinary lives. 

As humans, we look to others who have succeeded as a roadmap of possibilities. My Car Life stories aims not only to show that our dreams are possible, but through the sharing of these stories, retain the fact that even those who live extraordinary lives are just as ordinary as the dreamer within us all. 

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